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Acknowledging our heritage - New DNA Uniting Church

April 2019 Bulletin is here

Documents and Overview

Ian and Sharonne Price, Peter McDonald

The sermon presented by Rev Sean Gilbert at the Induction Service of Rev Lyn Leane at Para Vista and Modbury Uniting Churchs combined service at Para Vista January 2018 

Presentations from the Launch at the Modbury Gathering

The following recordings of the seminar with Father Michael Trainor can be accessed below via the links listed.

From the meeting held at Scots Church Adelaide Tuesday 11th March 2014

Material from the workshop held on 26 July 2014

Material from the workshop held on Feb 22nd 2014

The Visit of Dr Chris Baker of the William Temple Foundation. Videos of this event are now available...

Report to Synod 2013

Report to Synod 2012

Congregations of the Urban Mission Network gathered at Morialta on Thursday 24th May. The focus was Church and Community...

Modbury and Para Vista congregations treated us to a feast that included worship and hospitality, friendship and fellowship, information, and encouragement and concluded with Candlelight Reflections, a quiet space among the flickering candles to contemplate matters of the soul.

Pilgrim Church in cooperation with the Urban Mission Network and other agencies is planning a series of events over the next three years to help churches reflect on the ministry implications of the emerging post secular city.

2011 has been a year of welcome and affirmation in the Urban Mission Network.

Pilgrim has appointed Lynne Taylor as the coordinator of the Seniors Research Project. Lynne will be working...

The reports emanating from this research project have been produced from conversations with fifteen (15) congregation leaders from fourteen (14) congregations and are summarised under five major headings – background, community context, strengths, challenges and opportunities.

When I was a thirteen I was in church one morning listening to a woman tell the children’s talk. Right in the middle of the story she stopped and slumped forward. It took everyone a moment to realize that something was wrong.

Report to Synod 2010

In this initial phase of the new structures the Network has developed a number of supplementary pastoral practices...

What is church? In my early university days, I discovered the art work of M.C. Escher, a Dutch artist who delighted in producing images that confused the mind through subtle transitions from one perspective to another....

Dr Virgil Howard... told the story of when his wife died. They were young and had very small children...

Hear Rev Rob Stoner’s wisdom on connecting to our neighbourhood through one (or more) mission activities...

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