About Us

The Network
The Urban Mission Network comprises congregations, faith communities and agencies located mainly in civic and regional centres and on main thoroughfares. Members of the Network share a clear understanding of being called to give witness to the love of God in Christ as word and deed in environments which are primarily urban, secular and culturally diverse.
Network members have a sense of mission in the wider community and share a conviction that we must engage with that wider community in order that the Gospel may bring about both personal and social transformation.

Our Objectives
The Urban Mission Network will encourage the participant congregations to:

(1) share together in discerning trends in the social environment and encourage each other in our individual responses as well as acting together where appropriate. We will support each other by sharing their missional objectives and strategies to meet these goals. We will also engage in honest evaluation of outcomes and celebrate together the mission of God.

(2) share a wholistic understanding of the church‘s life and mission whereby social justice, evangelism and spirituality (for example) are related together. We will encourage each other to address issues of social justice, articulate the Gospel for 21st century hearers, explore new insights in mission together and as appropriate take joint action to further the mission of God.

(3) give primacy to reflecting theologically on the liberating call of God in our times, being guided by the biblical witness, the Basis of Union and Assembly statements on matters of faith.

(4) recognise worship as the primary expression of the gathered life of a congregation, reflecting its self-understanding and sense of mission; we will share ideas, resources and as appropriate celebrate together.

(5) welcome all who associate with their congregations recognising the primacy of God‘s grace and affirm that all members are called to share their gifts for ministry and mission. We value the distinctive gifts of each other and honour the integrity of all who share in the Network.

(6) model ways of working together where there is a desire for community and a respect for difference. Leadership roles will be shared and empowering. We shall make decisions by consensus and seek to discern the will of God for the Network and its members.

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