Oct 20, 2011

Action Research Project: Ministry with Seniors

We are pleased to report that Pilgrim has appointed Lynne Taylor as the coordinator of the Seniors Research Project. Lynne will be working on the basis of one day a week and is looking forward to hearing from members and others in the wider community about their experiences of transition into retirement and the possibilities for developing social support groups based at Pilgrim.
The project will explore the personal and pastoral issues about self worth and adjustment to a new way of life when it comes to retirement and being released from a life time vocation. Lynne is a member of the Brighton UCA and moved to Adelaide in 2010 from New Zealand where she was part of a ministry team with the Opawa Baptist church. Lynne has extensive experience as a social geographer and has been involved in several research projects with churches in NZ. She comments that she is committed to an Asset Based model of community development where “what is” is enhanced and deepened. This project is being funded by the Ken Leaver Scholarship Fund, a very fitting tribute to Ken’s life and ministry. Lynne will join the Pilgrim ministry team early in November and plans to be on site one day a week. Pilgrim Office can advise on contact details.
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